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Satisfaction, Safeguarding & Wellbeing Tracking from QDP!

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As the UK's largest independent specialist in questionnaire based feedback services to the Education and Skills sector we provide a proven track record of making survey projects a success.

We work with hundreds of FE/HE Providers, MATs, Schools and ILPs and hold the largest set of, independent benchmarking data in the sector. We cover feedback projects from every stakeholder and can cover any topic. Our question bank is always current and is mapped to all UK inspection frameworks. 

NEW! We have now updated our questionnaire examples and matrices to include a variety of questions to help you in these challenging times. From social distancing and hygiene to blended learning and ​working/learning from home in the event of another lockdown.

Visit our education page, download an info pack, or contact our dedicated customer care team to find out more.

A happy workforce is a productive one and QDP can help you ensure the satisfaction of your staff and analyse your workplace culture as well as monitor their wellbeing, skills progression and appraisals.


The reports quickly pinpoint areas of success and weakness and inform improvement planning at every level, as well as measuring impact and monitoring changes over time. 

NEW! We have updated our question library to include questions which support your employees during these challenging times. Ensure staff have everything they need to work from home, monitor their wellbeing and additional stresses that living in a global pandemic bring and inform/validate your strategies for coping as a business.


Our team understand the needs of every business is different and we will work with you to tailor your projects to your specific needs. Visit our employee engagement page, download an info pack or contact one of our team to find out more. 

With mental health being such a prevalent topic, it is the responsibility of everyone to do their bit to assure the wellbeing of those around them. 


QDP surveys help you gain an insight into the wellbeing of anyone in your care. The reports clearly pinpoint warning signs and monitor changes over time, allowing for early intervention and improving/maintaining a healthy, happy culture.

Whoever your target audience, QDP have you covered with a range of off the shelf questionnaires and bespoke services, we can help you assess, monitor and improve the wellbeing of those who matter most to you.

For more information, please download an info pack or contact our customer care team.

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Are you serious about tackling discrimination and bullying or are you just going through the motions?  QDP's SAFEGUARDme informs and validates your safeguarding approach, by giving all those in your care an independent voice and offers a formidable deterrent to those who disregard civilised behaviour.

Enhance your reputation by celebrating your successes and sharing the evidence with partners and sponsors. SAFEGUARDme enables you to share best practice through our unique benchmarking reports adding even more value.

For more information, please download an info pack or contact our customer care team.

Case Study - Macclesfield College

"Macclesfield College have worked with QDP to facilitate our stakeholder feedback projects since 2004. During this time we have surveyed using both paper and online methods of questionnaire distribution and we now use the SurveyManager software to run our surveys.

Throughout our relationship with QDP, we have found their customer support to be excellent. Staff have a very personal and friendly approach, where nothing is too much trouble; they are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to offer advice and guidance. The customer support team are quick to respond to emails or are always a phone call away. We find this incredibly valuable as time is always of the essence.

The software is easy to use and we are looking to integrate this more across the College over the coming months, in order to target different audiences and improve response rates.

The reports we receive are detailed and with good visuals and provide a wealth of information which inform strategic planning at departmental and organisational level.

The reports menu is easy to navigate and allows us to drill all the way down the college structure to course and demographic level. The reports menu is easy to navigate and allows


us to drill all the way down the college structure to course and demographic level. The external benchmarking comparisons are second to none; they allow us to compare against other like for like establishments, based on a wealth of different criteria and provide a great insight on how we are performing in relation.

The reports quickly highlight successes and problem areas, which we use to inform our planning and intervention strategies . The ability to track distance travelled then allows us to measure the impact of any changes and provide validation of improvement or further interventions required. Staff at all levels use the reports as evidence for self-assessment and SMT use the data to help inform quality improvement planning, allowing us to make continual improvements across the College. As QDP are recognised by Ofsted, the reports provide important independent evidence for inspections too.

QDP also run annual User Group meetings, which we find to be really informative. It gave us a chance to hear new ideas, ask questions and meet with other QDP users to gain useful ideas and share best practice tips which we found really useful.

Macclesfield College would have no reservations in recommending QDP to other establishments. The service they provide is extremely cost and time effective and the output is invaluable to the College".

Zoe Benn
Quality And Staff Development Manager
Macclesfield College