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Student Satisfaction & COVID-19

QDP bring you the facts!

QDP are the UKs largest independent specialist in questionnaire based feedback, to the Education and Skills sector.

QDP have compared the levels of satisfaction from students in the 12 months pre-COVID, with those achieved within the last 12 months. The comparison involved surveys undertaken by almost 100 colleges and over half a million students within each sample.

The comparison shows that overall satisfaction has not changed despite the challenges faced by the sector. Areas where a considerable decline was recorded within the QDP surveys were developing their skills in IT which was nearly 30% lower than in pre-COVID times and a similar decline in the ease of gaining access to learning materials online and with access to learning centres. The highest decline is satisfaction was 1-1 reviews that were undertaken with students. Given the situation and the rapid introduction of blended learning these areas are not surprising.

Perhaps that biggest shift was in the reduction of 1-1 reviews that were undertaken with students, showing a big 33% decline from pre-COVID surveys. Concerning for the sector is that students felt they had been given much less advice on taking their next step, and as a result felt less confident to do so. Again these areas could be expected to show a decline given the situation.

It was by no means all bad news though as more students were positive about the feedback given to them on their work and despite the challenges faced more students than ever would recommend their College course to a friend. A considerable number were looking to continue their studies at College again suggesting overall satisfaction with the college provision.

Of considerable interest was the positive results achieved concerning the helpfulness and friendliness of College staff and the fact that students felt their views were listened to. Both of these areas saw an improvement of over 20% in satisfaction levels, which may indicate a role for online face to face communication in the future.

To summarise; College student satisfaction as a whole, remained at similar levels to pre-COVID. Does this mean that times are changing and where appropriate, blended learning could be here to stay?

QDP would love to know your thoughts. If you have any feedback you would like to share, or would like any information about the work we do with FE Colleges and other education providers, please contact

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