Dudley College have used QDP for several years to provide perceptions for a variety of learners, staff and a variety of other in-house surveys, using SurveyManager which is easy to use and allows us to benchmark and ourselves against other FE colleges and sixth forms and measure our distance travelled.  Their customer service is excellent and offer us advice where needed.

The analysis is thorough and the results are used for review meetings and to assist us with our continuous quality improvement within the College. 

We would recommend QDP to other college providers and we look forward to working with again over the forthcoming year.

Sharon Hayward

Standards Assurance Co-Ordinator

Dudley College Of Technology

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Good quality feedback is an incredibly powerful tool and we want to help you harness that power to make a difference to those who matter most to YOU.

Our Customer Care team work tirelessly, alongside our industry professional external advisors, to ensure that our example questionnaires surpass industry standards.

WE do the hard work so YOU don’t have to. That being said, QDP understand that every organisation is different and therefore offer a fully bespoke service. We cover every stakeholder at any level. Our team will work with you gain an insight into YOUR organisation and put together a plan based on YOUR needs and aspirations. 

At QDP, we understand the workload involved in designing, collecting and analysing feedback projects (we started 25 years ago, hand-inputting every piece of data for analysis – we know, we have done it)! We have dedicated the last 25 years to developing and fine tuning the ways we do things to offer our customers the very best choice of packages. 

We have several methods of online targeting, as well as text and paper based targeting and also a dedicated telephone unit. There are packages available for our purpose built DIY software, SurveyManager; as well as our Gold Service (which lets our team take care of all the work for you) and plenty of packages in between, all with the full support of our top rated Customer Care team.

We cover every budget, from pay-as-you-go, to all-inclusive. There are also incentives to help you save money with us each year! Our aim is to build a long standing relationship with all of our customers. It is therefore our priority to ensure that you are on the best package for YOU. Our team will talk to you and advise on the package that is right for you, and will be happy to review this with you, as and when required.

Our reports include: Internal/External Benchmarking, which provides useful comparisons and ensures that you are providing the best experience for EVERYONE in your care; Issue Comparison which flags potential warning signs at every cohort and demographic group, allowing for early interventions; Distance Travelled which monitors changes over time, validating and informing your existing and future planning; Inspection Framework reporting, which presents your data under your relevant inspection framework headings giving you vital evidence to support you in the lead up to and during inspections; 360 Analysis and much more.

However, it is no good having a wealth of incredible reports and not using them to create an impact and this is one thing we are truly passionate about. QDP’s key aspiration is to help make a difference and we do that through you!


We offer training sessions on how to use our reports, from brief online sessions to help you navigate and understand the data, to on-site in-depth training to help you embed the data across your organisation and start using it to make a real difference to those who matter most.

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To find out more, call our Customer Care team on 01625 501917.
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George Contos

Vice Principal (Curriculum And Standards)

Priestley College

QDP offers access to a great pool of feedback data, the staff are available to answer questions via email and telephone which is really helpful...Being able to speak to someone makes a difference when you are busy. Our first few surveys have enabled us to break down and compare data (the set questions are a fantastic way of comparing our results to that of other institutions  -  and seeing how we rate against the benchmark) for hundreds and thousands of students. Great visuals of the reports…I would recommend the QDP services. Thank you for the fantastic customer service you and your team provide.


Judith Russell

Performance Reviewer

Weymouth College

Using QDP has made a tremendous difference to how we administer and develop our surveys. The support we receive is fantastic and staff are always on hand to assist and never make us feel as if we are troubling them with minor questions. 

Since using QDP we have, via the reports been able to easily identify areas of good practice and also focus on where we still have more work to do. As we have become more familiar and confident with the service, we have been able to explore a wider variety of ways in which to utilise the software including HE Unit Modules, ALS and A-level subject specific. 

The turnaround time for reports is excellent and so full of detail including both internal and external benchmarking to generate and support College improvement. Since using QDP we have made recommendations to other educational providers - all of which have been joined. 

Thank you for providing such a good service at a reasonable cost

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David Bandy

Academic Support Manager

INTO Queen's University Belfast

I am very happy with QDP services so far. Training was arranged promptly when requested, the trainer was fantastic training us and the system is easy to use. Anytime I have phoned or emailed for assistance/support, I have got a prompt reply with a helpful answer from the Customer Services Team. Reports are extremely valuable and are broken down to different  levels and areas. Reports are also easy to read and interpret. I would definitely recommend QDP Services. The software is an easy system to use for both the team setting up the surveys and the users completing the questionnaires.


Brenda Robson

Director Quality, Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Sunderland College

Sunderland College has used QDP for all our survey needs since 2007.  The College chose QDP because they can provide a cost effective service that meets our business needs.  We regularly review our survey provision and have found that QDP still offer the most complete package, providing us with questions, benchmarking information and analysis that is tailored to meet our needs.  Reports generated have been extremely useful in identifying and driving improvements, as well as providing an excellent source of evidence of learner and client feedback, contributing to Matrix and TQS accreditation and supporting our successful Ofsted inspections. We have also found QDP to be helpful and supportive as we endeavour to further improve the accessibility of our surveys to all our learners and clients.