"QDP is a company that makes stakeholder engagement effortless.  In my experience, using QDP has made it easier to engage with all our stakeholders and to gather their views. Whilst other providers can also do a one-off survey, QDP can benchmark results and show trends over time, to indicate improvements or development areas. Customer service is king at QDP; I always get a personal, friendly service, fast, on time and as briefed.  Thanks to QDP I know more about my school and have concrete evidence for self-evaluation and school improvement. I am confident there is no provider in the market who can match their price or their products."

Brian Asher


Lockerbie Academy

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Safeguarding Quality Assurance Monitoring from QDP!

QDP’s SAFEGUARDme Survey is specifically designed to support your efforts to ensure no one in your care is vulnerable. It is easy to implement and fully supported by our dedicated team.

SAFEGUARDme offers:


  • A fast and effective way for you to quality assure your safeguarding procedures through the perceptions of all those in your care.

  • An independently managed service, hosted by QDP.

  • Quickly identifies causes for concern; providing early warnings allowing you to facilitate early interventions.

  • Follow up surveys which measure the impact of your efforts and allows you to closely monitor any changes.


Let QDP guide you through the survey process using our 3 I’s:

A good survey requires careful planning – let us help you; it is what we are good at!!

Our Customer Care Team have a wealth of knowledge and are dedicated to helping ensure you get the most from your data. They are a phone call away and will be happy to offer advice and guidance, no matter what your project.

  • Independently managed by QDP, we provide a confidential and secure platform to ensure everyone is given a voice, including those most vulnerable.

  • Fast and effective way to quality assure your safeguarding procedures, through the perceptions of all those in your care.

  • QDP will also cover all feedback projects from all stakeholders, from general satisfaction, mental health and wellbeing and safeguarding to staff culture, 360 appraisals, skills audits and bespoke projects specifically for your organisation.

Running surveys can be a logistical nightmare! QDP will help take away the headache.

We will help you decide on the package that is right for you, whether it be setting up your own surveys, or let us set them up for you – either way, you have the benefit of our expertise and guidance every step of the way.

  • We have numerous methods of online targeting, as well as paper based, text and telephone options too.

  • Tailored questionnaires, giving you a head start to ensure your key stakeholders are getting the most from every aspect of their journey. Use our examples as they are, or customise to make them truly personal to your team.

Our team will offer practical advice to help you get the best response rates, with tips and tricks they have learnt through many years of experience. 

We provide easy to read reports which inform planning at every level, including;

  • Internal/External Benchmarking which provide useful comparisons and ensure that you are providing the best experience for everyone in your care.

  • Issue Comparison which flag potential warning signs at every level and demographic, allowing for early interventions.

  • Distance Travelled which monitors changes over time, validating and informing your existing and future planning.


However, it is no good having a wealth of incredible reports and not using them to create an impact and this is one thing we are truly passionate about. QDP’s key aspiration is to help make a difference and we do that through you!

We offer training sessions on how to use our reports, from brief online sessions to help you navigate and understand the data, to onsite in depth training to help you embed the data across your organisation and start using it to make a real difference to those who matter most.

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To find out more, call our Customer Care team on 01625 501917.
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Shelly England

Head Teacher

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

"QDP Services is incredible for ascertaining the views of different stakeholders.  We love the option of it being electronic or paper, too.  We love the summary as it allows for fast analysis, the ability to tailor our own questions and the best part is being able to monitor over time as your questionnaires compare to the previous year. I literally cannot imagine being able to hear the pupil, teacher, parent, staff and governor voice quickly and accurately in any other way. It is a great service and I would have no hesitation to recommend it to other schools."

St Lukes.png

Shaun Miles


St Luke's CE Primary School (Cannock)

"We have used QDP for three years. Found QDP to be very helpful, staff very supportive and polite. Of the service providers I choose to use, QDP would be in the top few for their accurate, efficient and supportive work."

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Samantha Morris

South Staffordshire College

"I have always found QDP surveys are really quick and easy to create.  Reports are very easy to understand and show the strength of feeling as well as the overall satisfaction percentage. For me, as a user, one of QDPs main strengths is their team of dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and efficient staff.  I always feel like nothing is too much trouble. QDP are open to suggestions and actively seek to improve their product and service for the benefit of their customers.  Internal and External benchmarking reports are a very powerful tool, as are the Distance Travelled reports as they allow us to monitor our own position within the sector and also to demonstrate how we are improving year on year."