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Heart of Worcester College have been using QDP to collect destination data from our students since 2015. We had always struggled to collect this information and contacted QDP as they were recommended by another user.

QDP  provided relevant questionnaire templates which were in line with ILR and we were able to amend, or keep as they are. They offered advice on getting the best response rates and communicated with us after each round of calls had taken place, providing interim detailed information about responses and return rates which we find useful as it allows us to make follow-up calls to students with the possibility of re-engagement which helps to fund the cost of the survey.

The outcomes of the survey give us exactly the data we need. QDP provide a professional and knowledgeable service; staff are well versed in sector requirements and are happy to offer advice and guidance. I have always received extremely timely responses and found them to be flexible in their approach. They offer us different options to maximise our results within a set budget and I have found their costs to be very competitive.

John Littler

Heart Of Worcestershire College

Telephone Surveys from QDP

QDP has it's own in-house telephone unit, who are dedicated to running telephone based surveys. We are willing to take on any telephone based survey project. Some of our more commonly utilised telephone based survey projects are listed below:


Our brand new Destination report is designed to give you all the information you need at your fingertips. 

  • Hard evidence to support your funding requirements

  • Clear identification of successes and causes for concern at every level

  • Destinations split by any demographics

  • Employment and Education analysis

  • NEET and re-engagement indicators

  • Subject Sector analysis

  • Impact analysis

  • Quality of provision analysis

  • Data export files in a format that can be imported straight into your ILR, and more

Our telephone unit are trained to identify and actively engage any learner at risk of becoming NEET.  We will offer them the opportunity to re-engage, with the aim of providing a pathway to continued education or support with seeking meaningful employment.

QDP will even add any data gathered previously by the College to ensure your report is inclusive and provides a true reflection from your college leavers.


enrolement & early leaver





Our telephone unit are also able to facilitate Pre-Enrolment, Non-Arrival and Early Leaver surveys. We can help you find out:

  • The likelihood of potential students accepting an offer made by the College

  • The quality of the application process and marketing by the College

  • Why students accepted an offer and did not attend

  • Why students started the course and left early


We understand that time is of the essence and therefore we are able to report back in real time to ensure every chance of re-engagement is made possible.










You may already use QDP to gather satisfaction data from employers; however did you know that we can also help you:

  • Research skills gaps amongst employers in your local area

  • Independently analyse employer views on your college reputation

  • Analyse employer views on recruiting apprentices and young workers and more.


Our telephone unit are happy to help gather any feedback on your behalf. We offer a number of pre-set and customisable telephone surveys, which are perfect for targeting your hard-to-reach stakeholders.